What is Pinhole Phimosis?

Swelling of the foreskin can be a sign of phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis. There are several factors that results to the inflammation of the foreskin which include poor hygiene, infection, sexual activity, and contact dermatitis. But this condition does not necessarily need treatment but there are severe cases of phimosis that may need immediate attention. Generally, the inflammation of foreskin affects the uncircumcised boys and older males.

Phimosis is one of the most common forms of swollen foreskin in baby boys and older boys. The phimosis becomes very inflamed that it is difficult to pull back at the tip of the penis or glans due to infection and poor hygiene as well as yeast infection. For older males, phimosis can also be triggered by masturbation and after sexual intercourse. Problems arise when there is problem in urination, therefore it may need immediate medical care.

Another type of phimosis is called paraphimosis which is more severe condition and there is a need for immediate medical care. This severe type of condition is characterized by the foreskin getting stuck in a withdrawn position and cannot be pulled back again over the glans. If this is not addressed immediately, it can block the supply of blood to the glans and penis and can even result to gangrene in the penis. The worst scenario is that the penis may need to be amputated. Always remember that this condition is mostly a result from maturbation, sexual intercourse, and erection.

Balanitis is another condition typified by an irritation of the foreskin that can lead to the swelling of the foreskin. Poor hygiene practices, yeast infection and sexually transmitted infection are contributory factors of this condition called balanitis.

Another form of phimosis which is more severe is the full or pinhole phimosis. This condition occurs when the foreskin cannot be pulled back to cover all of the glans during the full erection of the penis. Males with pinhole phimosis and having sexual relationship may be done with little or no pain at all but rougher sexual activity can be painful compared to those with fully mobile foreskin.

Ways to treat pinhole phimosis:
Doctors and health experts have discovered four ways to cure pinhole phimosis. Circumcision is always the best and effective way of getting rid of pinhole phimosis.

Topical medication is a remedy that uses a topical steroid to treat this condition painlessly and with lower morbidity rate.

Another way of treating this condition is through stretching and dilation exercises. With this method, you are not only curing the awful condition but also preserving the sexual pleasure nerves. Improvement will be experienced within four weeks even without medical help.

The other method to treat this pinhole phimosis is through preputioplasty or commonly called as prepuce foreskin surgery.

If you have this pinhole phimosis, you do not to be shy about it. Discuss this condition with your doctor or urologist so that they can explain well your case and recommend the best remedy.

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