Signs of Phimosis for Surgery

The prepuce or foreskin acts as a protection for the head of the penis called glans from feces, urine, and other kinds of irritations. It also helps in protecting the penis from any infection and scarring of the urinary opening or meatus.

It is normal for the foreskin of an infant boy to be always nearly tight around the glans but leaves a tiny passage for urination. During the initial months, the foreskin seems to be fixed to the glans and cannot be pulled back and you must not force to do so.

In the first two years of the baby boy, the foreskin will slowly loosened and in some boys, it can be pulled back without any trouble. Remember that it is not advisable to pull back the foreskin with the use of force because this act may result to small slits in the foreskin with scars later.

After three years, if the foreskin does not have the ability to pull back, the condition is called phimosis. It is a condition where the foreskin is covering the glans very tight and it cannot be pulled back. This particular type of condition can be remedied with the use of prescribed creams. In cases where the foreskin has the inability to pull back or when there is difficulty in pulling back the foreskin that may later lead to paraphimosis, if this is not appropriately addressed to. Scarring may result if the foreskin is forced to pull back.

Signs for Surgery:

  • The following are signs if the young boy or older males need to undergo surgery due to phimosis:
  • Phimosis in young boys who are more than four years old and when there are scars at the head of the prepuce
  • When the males how signs of episodes of paraphimosis
  • When there are repeated episodes of balanoposthitis even after using non-surgical medications and good hygiene practices.
  • When there is the presence of urinary infection
  • Some religious practices such as circumcision are a basic ritual of the Jewish and Muslim culture.

Circumcision refers to the surgical procedure to remove the prepuce. There also different ways of circumcision where the males or young boys are given options with the guidance of their parents and the doctors. You can save more skin to give a look where the glans has more skin to cover it. You can also opt to leave the glans fully exposed.

Good health must never be compromised.  At the initial signs of discomfort and pain, one should go to the doctor and discuss the condition which causing the pain and discomfort. The doctors or the urologist in phimosis cases will explain the condition, the risks it can give and possible best solutions. When surgery is needed, the experts will also give the options to older males or to the parents in case the children are involved, after fully discussing the details of the operation and its risks.

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