Signs of Phimosis and Paraphimosis

Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is firmly stretched around the head of the penis and has difficulty pulling it back freely. This condition can inflict any male and naturally. For boys who are younger than 4 years old, it is usually hard to pull back the foreskin but with older boys and especially young men, it is a different story. Phimosis may be prompted by an infection which is under the foreskin or balanitis, or by other conditions like diabetes.

Paraphimosis which is also known as adult phimosis is characterized by a tight foreskin which is also pulled back behind the head of the penis and seemed to be trapped in it. It is hard to pull it back to the usual position which is as a covering at the tip of the penis. Unlike phimosis, this condition can result to inflammation, painful, and loss of blood supply on the tip of the penis. Severe harm can happen to the person if the foreskin is not pulled back to its natural place.

Signs to watch:

Phimosis is normally without pain but when very tight foreskin may hinder with urination or sexual performance. This condition may also result to infection of the skin because it will be difficult for the man to clean the skin under the foreskin.

Paraphimosis causes very painful inflammation of the foreskin and head of the penis. When the head of the penis becomes purple in color which may be due to loss of blood supply, it is a sign that it needs immediate medical attention.

Be it known that young boys who may have phimosis will tend to improve in due time but with adults with an infected phimosis will require medical treatment, and if it is worst, a surgery.

How can phimosis be prevented?
Health experts recommend the practice of good hygiene including complete pulling back the foreskin while cleaning it during taking a bath. Circumcision may also be recommended to avoid it from occurring again.

Can phimosis be treated?
For phimosis without any severe signs such as pain will not need for any treatment. This is true to children but when young boy does not recover from phimosis, or if the boy is experiencing any problem in urinating or in performing hygiene, he will not some medicated creams like hydrocortisone.

You need medical attention if you are having difficulty in pulling back or cleaning under your foreskin, an infection under the foreskin, and pulling back to its natural place is hard. For severe cases, the doctor may have to perform an emergency procedure to create an incision in the foreskin or even perform a circumcision. Phimosis can be treated.

Unhealthy condition like is not something to set aside because it can affect the person in many ways. It can affect his personal relationship because he cannot give sexual satisfaction to his partner. Worst yet, it can also affect his self-esteem and confidence. Don’t hide! Come out and be treated and live well!

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