Phimotic Ring and its Effects


Phimosis is the failure to pull back the foreskin freely to its natural position and this is a general condition of the other conditions involving penis or glans, like phimotic ring, infant phimosis, skin bridges, frenulum breve, epithelial adhesions, and the combination of any of these things.

There are two basic varities of tightness of foreskin: phimotic ring and infant phimosis. Infant phimosis refers to the tubular form which is common to infants or baby boys. Phimotic ring is a very thin form of a tough skin tissue that branches out from behind the penis and contours around the front of the inner foreskin similar to noose.

This ring is naturally less elastic and expands less than the rest of the foreskin that it increases the difficulty in pulling back the foreskin, especially when it is erect. The effects will depend on the tightness and elasticity of this ring.

There are two kinds of phimotic rings: the primary ring which is present from birth and the secondary ring which is developed later in life. Usually, baby boys do have this ring and it stretches or expands.

When the male develops of phimotic ring in midlife is usually an indication that he has diabetes which may lead to losing the elasticity of the ring and will tend to rip and because of a scar that it develops, it will become very tight.

Another issue for phimotic ring is the combination of the masturbation and the warm but damp and closed part between the foreskin and glans can lead to LSA. Other external sources such as soaps, side effects of other drugs, and the partner can cause LSA which will later lead to degeneration of the skin tissue until a ring will grow.

The Effects of the Degrees of Phimotic Ring:

Phimotioc ring differ in tightness, elasticity and tensile degrees. A very extreme degree which is medically called as pinhole phimosis can cause urinary problems or infections even in young children and therefore, when symptoms are identified, it requires immediate medical attention.

A partial phimosis will show part of the glans but there may be some problems in penetration when the foreskin bags up and when it is painfully forced behind the glans, it can lead to paraphimosis.

Relative phimosis can only be observed during erection and it begins to become a problem at the initial stage of puberty because it rubs over the glans during the masturbation which is really painful. This will lead to soreness and infections.

TreatmentĀ  Available:

There are the stretching exercises, steroid creams and a surgery available to relieve from this condition. You can consult with your doctor or a licensed urologist regarding these remedies immediately.

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