Phimosis and Some Benefits of Circumcision

When the man is not circumcised, the head of his penis is enveloped by a mass of skin called as foreskin. When this foreskin is stretched very tightly around the head of the penis and will not retract back freely to its normal position, then this condition is called phimosis. For younger boys of four years old, it is just normal to have difficulty in pulling it back the foreskin but with older males, this condition is triggered by infection in the foreskin or by other health problems such as diabetes.

Another type of phimosis is called paraphimosis where the very tight foreskin is retracted behind the head of the penis but stuck in that position. It cannot be pulled forward again to its natural position of covering the tip of the penis. If this foreskin is not pulled back to its  position, some serious problems will occur.

Signs of Phimosis

Phimosis is painless but the condition where the foreskin is very tight, it may bring discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse or urination. It may also hard for the man to practice good hygiene because it will be very difficult for him to clean under the foreskin, thus, higher chances of infections.

Paraphimosis leads to painful inflammation of the foreskin and the head of the penis. This will result to inadequate supply of blood to the tip of the penis until it becomes purple in color which needs immediate medical attention.

Best Remedy for Phimosis

Simple phimosis like in young boys may not need any treatment because the temporary “disorder” disappears after sometime or when they grow up. However, if they do not outgrow the condition or when they show problems with urination then it is time for remedies. The most popular ones are medicated creams.

For some older boys and men, all they need to do are to practice good hygiene and immediate remedy of the infections but when problem seems to be persistent, then corrective remedy such as circumcision may be needed and recommended by the doctor.

This is true with paraphimosis and the foreskin is not able to pull back into its natural position, hence, the doctor may need to do the circumcision or the slitting of a part I the foreskin to fix the problem.

Circumcision, as a surgical method to correct severe phimosis has the following benefits:

  •  For making it easier for you to practice hygiene like it will be easy for the man to wash underneath his penis. The inability to do so may lead to other severe infections.
  • There will be lesser chances of urinary tract infection which is common to uncircumcised males. This infection may result to kidney problems later.
  • There will be reduced risks for penile cancer although this cancer is really rare.
  • Circumcision also prevents some other penile problems.
  • Lower rate of risks for getting sexually transmitted infections, however, preventive measures are still encouraged.

Circumcision is not a recommended solution when there is a blood-clotting disorder. Baby boys who are premature will not be allowed for this procedure. It also does not affect their fertility or their ability for sexual satisfaction with their partners.

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