How to Treat Phimosis with Cream

Phimosis, promounced as ‘fi moze is’ is a condition where there is the inability of the foreskin of the boys or men to pull back from its normal position on the head of the penis or glans.  This is a normal condition for baby boys but as they grow up, normally the skin in the tip of the glans can be drawn back as the foreskin supposedly loosens. When they become 3 years old, 0% of the uncircumcised boys should be able to pull back their foreskin from the tip of their penis. 17 year old males where 97% of these males are expected to fully pull back their foreskin. Paraphimosis, or sometimes known as adult phimosis, is a condition when the foreskin is taken behind the corona of the penis and cannot return to its normal position which causes entrapment of the glans, thus, blocking the supply of the blood. When this happens, it can result to severe painful conditions.

How effective cream is to treat Phimosis:

Treating phimosis and paraphimosis may entail the application of a steroid cream, in the form of betamethasone, to the foreskin three times a day for at least one month. It aims to loosen the glued ring. When the child is 10 years old and beyond and has a swollen foreskin during urination, a circumcision may be recommended by the physician.

Betamethasone cream is effective and safe to treat phimosis in children as well as in adults. It is easy to apply and it is cost efficient. It is recommended to apply two times every day for about four weeks and expect to improve the condition at 70%. There may be some very minimal risks but longer use of this cream may lead to the thinning of the skin. Use of the cream extensively on the over may hinder the adrenal steroids.

Over-the-counter steroid creams are available but they are not effective for treating phimosis. However prescribed-strength creams may usually effective in alleviating the condition when it is used for more than four to six weeks. These creams with prescription-strength like 0.1% betamethasone cream can be used two times a day for two months. Expect no side effects from this particular cream and there is an-80% chance of success.

With steroid cream which contains a prescribed Triamcinilone 0.1% steroid cream, you can use it to the foreskin for about two to four times every day for six weeks. This cream will be more effective if it is combined with gentle retraction every day, if there is no severe infection is involved.

There are topical creams which can also be applied to the foreskin directly which may include steroids, antifungal creams, or even a mixture of the two.
If all these creams for phimosis fail, circumcision may be recommended by the doctor.

These creams can be more effective if they are applied with good hygiene practices and stretching exercises. The success of the treatment will depend on the level of phimosis and the degree of scarring. With younger boys, the treatment is spontaneous and fast with topical steroid but with adult males, particular those with scarring, the effectiveness rate can fall.

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