How to Cure Phimosis: The Basics

Phimosis is simply a condition where there is inability to retract the foreskin over the whole head of the penis. This means that the opening of the foreskin is very narrow to permit the head of the penis to pass through.

And for man who has this condition is more than abnormality but it affects him personally. Phimosis embarrasses you especially during your intimate moments with your partner. This failure to expose  you completely his glans can make the man feel very conscious of how his penis appears and can hinder in enjoying sexual intercourse fully.

Well, there is no need to worry much about this penile disorder because there are simple remedies you can perform privately and personally. Your doctor is also ready to help you. Here are some instructions to brave yourself into seeing your doctor and get the medical attention you may need:
If you are very uncomfortable discussing these penis concerns with your doctor, you can ask for referrals for experts on sexual and urologic problems who are called urologists.
If you have a partner, you can encourage her to join you at your appointment with your doctor or urologist. Most doctors believe that penis disorders or problems are easier to solve or treat when both partners are involved.
When you seem to be afraid, remember the reason why you need to be helped: your health condition and the quality of life are at stake.
Some possible triggers of penis disorders are

  • balanitis
  • inflammation of the glans
  • balanoposthitis
  • swelling of the foreskin
  • erectile dysfunction
  • penile cancer
  • payronie’s disease
  • when the penis bends during an erection
  • priapism
  • painful erection

When you see your doctor to identify these penile problems, he will basically check about your medical history and you will need to undergo physical exam. He will check on your penis, testicles, groin, and scrotum, and your blood pressure and also your reflexes. A sample of your blood may also be needed to check any occurrence on diabetes, check on your cholesterol level, and other conditions that are related to penile disorders or problems. It will help a lot you if you can bring all the medications you have taken or even any surgery that you went through. The doctor or the urologist may ask personal questions such as about your sexual habits. Doctors and urologists can also guide us how to cure phimosis.

There are two safe and effective non-surgical ways of correcting or curing phimosis. This includes the use of steroid cream for about four to six weeks to the narrow area of the foreskin and stretching exercises.

For severe and painful cases of phimosis, surgical method will be required such as simple circumsicion, dorsal slit, ventral slit, and preputioplasty. Surgical methods range from complete removal of the foreskin to a more minor procedure to relieve the tightness of the foreskin.

Do not sacrifice your satisfying moments with your partner by staying shy on looking for remedies for these kinds of penile disorders. Remedies are simple except for severe phimosis.

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