Home Remedies for Phimosis

Phimosis, medically known as preputial stenosis, refers to a condition characterized by a failure of the foreskin to loosen during its growth, infections like balinitis, deformities due to trauma and illnesses of the genitals.

Phimosis can be acquired phimosis or congenital phimosis. In congenital cases, it is a result from the defects that occurs while the child is still fetus and this condition is called primary phimosis. In acquired phimosis, the baby develops a phimosis ring right after his birth where the foreskin is difficult to stretch.

Ways to Treat Phimosis at Home

Steroid cream is a prescribed remedy by applying this cream two times every day for about one to three months. Diprosone contains betamethasone which is an effective ingredient to relieve tight foreskin in younger boys to older men. Apply the cream two times daily for three months, however, after you discontinue using the cream, tightness of the foreskin may return.

Stretching Exercises are characterized by giving some pressure similar to whenever you stretch a rubber band. These exercises can be done for five minutes two times daily for up to 4 weeks. You can do this remedy freely and privately even at your home and at any time you choose.

Exercise #1:  Pull back the prepuce as much as you can and hold it for 30 seconds and pull it forward. Stop and relax. The repeat this method for 5 minutes. You can perform this in a hot tub where the heat will help make it dilated.
Exercise #2: Insert two fingers first in the prepuce opening and retract the fingers in the opposite directions. It is normal to experience discomfort but not agonizing pain. Hold the position for30 seconds and retract it forward again. Stop and relax. Repeat this exercises for five minutes during your hot tub bath.

You can perform any of these exercises with the use of a diprosone ointment or commonly known as betamethasone 0.05%. Stretch the prepuce and apply the cream thinly or as instructed and allow the steroid cream do its work for awhile. You do not need any more stretching.

Doing these exercises or applying the creams only shows that having phimosis is not that seriously bad at all. It seems normal to have phimosis when you are a young child as it improves in due time and as you grow. It is only when it remains as it is that you need remedies. Unless it is not severe or agonizingly painful that it affects your urinatination and your sexual life, home remedies are enough but if it is severe, then surgery is a option.

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